More than digitalisation is necessary

netinsurer is more than a technology supplier for optimised insurance processes – the way we understand the product and process landscape of the future sets us apart. With us as your partner, you create innovative structures and processes fit for the future. We connect them with the new netinsurer methodology in a unique way for an efficient project implementation.

Not only advising –
also implementing

10 success factors for the technological development of the insurance sector:

  • 1

    Holistic thinking. We connect innovative technologies with convincing future concepts.

  • 2

    Disruption does not mean deleting everything which is good. We analyse what is lasting and what is future

  • 3

    Understand the customer of the future and having the right product. We listen precisely.

  • 4

    Integrating your staff. Despite all efficiency, we motivate your staff with new processes.

  • 5

    Recognise and understand resources. We optimise with modular systems exactly according to what is required.
  • 6

    Recognise new markets and target groups. We accompany you up to addressing the new customer segments.

  • 7

    Allow no isolated solutions. We offer scalable solutions which really do connect.

  • 8

    More transparency over all processes. We supply intuitive management tools.

  • 9

    More service. We shape unique offers for your customers with you.

  • 10

    Active shaping of the future. We supply future focussed solutions for your success.


We arm you for the digital challenges of the market and aid with necessary adjustments. Leave unflexible or incompatible processes now in the past with our intelligent solutions, so that you can shape the market development as leader:

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automatisation takes the overall process into consideration and can be used for various systems. The integrated AI organises the automatisation of time consuming and repetitive tasks of your staff. This leads to an increased economic efficiency and a higher employee satisfaction. Shorten the product development time and benefit from lower transaction costs in the connection with new partners.

Ready for Big Data

Data is the capital of our time. We aid in tapping this capital and using it efficiently. Our intelligent solutions are prepared for the connection to various systems.

User friendliness

Efficiency especially ensues with the optimised application. Thus we understand user friendliness as intuitive operability as well as fun in the application due to the best possible user experiences. This likewise goes for the application of the tools by your customers.


Our software solutions are perfectly scalable, fail safe and highly available due to the use of state-of-the-art Cloud technology. Due to our networking approach various systems can be bound in. Here our solutions are also optimised for the work with external data sources.


The future of insurances is hybrid. With our solutions, you automatise repetitive tasks and can deploy your precious staff for value creating tasks. Thus we connect the best of humans and technology for your economic success.

Our performance areas


Digital SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) components:

  • Advice module
  • Distribution Module
  • Analysis Modul
  • Automatisation Modul


  • Simple and efficient
  • Legal certainty
  • Without media discontinuity with automatic documentation
  • White Label Solutions
  • Application Management



  • Provision and operation of the modules
  • Integration
  • System support
  • Onboarding processes


  • Regular contacts in support
  • Close cooperation
  • Project management
  • Plannable according to expense and need
  • Knowledge transfer

Individual Solution


  • Consulting & Development
  • Individual solutions
  • Business and IT Architecture
  • Release Management
  • Product development, product tests, product implementation


  • Regular team with regular contacts 
  • Without binding of internal capacities (personnel costs)
  • Complete integration in the company/processes
  • Extensive support also after the implementation
  • Transparency through reporting and documentation

About us

We are partners for the future of the insurance industry in Europe.

With our modular platform, we have the exact solution within the overall insurance process which a progressive company needs.  Highly professional and tailor made individual solutions are available efficiently according to needs.  With our Software-as-a-Service technology, we offer your IT suitable interfaces and tools.  Our teams stand for flexibility, efficiency, speed and especially quality: working with us is fun.  We don’t only show solutions, but also implement them concretely and innovatively.  Thus future is set to be a success!


We don’t only advise – we directly implement.  A strong methodology is necessary to filter the best solutions promptly and integrate them optimally into the overall process.  Only in this way can we ensure a stringent, efficient and successful procedure.  Our methodology here is orientated to the standards of the digital industry.  Three company values determine the core of our procedure:

  1. Be respectflul: We listen precisely to you
  2. We identify with you – and want to understand your company holistically
  3. Always deliver: We only advise on solutions which really are successfully implementable and support you in this  

The netinsurer methodology

  • Research & Conception

  • Idea Collection

  • Prototyping

  • Testing 1

  • Optimization

  • Testing 2

  • Implementation

These visionaries are your partners for success today and in future:

  • Thomas Hajek

    Chief Executive Officer

    Founder, insurance enthusiast

    #strategy #product #team

    We are the digital changemaker in insurance

  • Bernhard Klemen

    Partner/Investor Relations


    #strategy #investment #ecosystem

    We will drive the digital revolution in insurance

  • Johannes Hajek

    Senior Consultant

    Experienced insurance c-level manager

    #consulting #team #business development

    Although technology and innovation are the core of our business, we always embrace the power and importance of people.

  • Jürgen Musil

    Chief Technology Officer

    Technology expert and scientist

    #tech #strategy #product

    We provide deep insurance sector expertise AND leading edge technology skills and capability

  • Martin Froböse

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Finance Expert

    #finance #customer-relation #strategy

    We concentrate on the results, work responsibly and guide you through the entire process.

  • Thomas Brandl

    Product owner distribution systems

    Insurance IT & process expert

    #product #tech #customer relation

    At netinsurer, we will optimise processes, deliver absolute clarity & transparency and create systemisation through our products

The People
behind netinsurer

netinsurer lives digitalisation. However this does not exclude people. On the contrary, we at netinsurer provide people with creativity and experience with an effective space for development. And this is what our team members think about their work for the insurance sector of the future:

Everybody wants to be the change maker. But only few are really competent for the insurance branch and its complex regulatories. For me a chance must have a clear target with a clear economic core. We don’t throw sand in any of our customers’ eyes for a product world which will later never arrive properly on the market.

Digitalisation yes! Only we don’t forget that insurances are still sold to people. And here there are two players to be deployed equally optimally: AI and the adviser. We don’t pit them against each other – but provide the appropriate space for their strengths and use synergies at the same time. We motivate all participants on the path into the future, which just makes fun again with us.

I am proud to work in a team which knows the processes in the insurance sector from long year experience. Everyone in the team. We bring this knowledge together to develop optimised as well as more efficient processes sustainably with state-of-the-art technology. We don’t merely spout fine words – we also implement them as accurately as possible. And after the completion of the project, we again trustingly support our customers. For this you have to do everything right.