Your own online distribution in no time

netinsurer White Label Lösung für Versicherer Onlinevertrieb


  • on your website

Simply integrate our White-Label-platform for your online insurance distribution on your website.

Take a look at our netinsurer platform!


Simple products that require little explanation and are highly demanded suit best for online distribution.

netinsurer White Label Lösung für Versicherer Onlinevertrieb

Who provides what?

You provide us with product details:

  • tariffs
  • your terms and conditions
  • insurance conditions and policy wording
  • agreement with the insurance company

We provide you with the technology and take care of:

  • product implementation
  • tariff calculator
  • implementing Corporate Design

in no time ...

new distribution channel

additional sales

better image

new customers

happy customers

happy broker!

netinsurer White Label Lösung für Versicherer Onlinevertrieb

netinsurer Icon smarter better faster What we offer

Customized solutions off the rack.
We match our software to your wishes.
Choose between our full package “all-in-one” and single modules.

Module 1: data collection

  • product selection and premium calculation
  • customer data collection and validation
  • registration for the customer portal
  • email address validation

Module 2: policy issuance

  • mandatory download of insurance terms before signing
  • automated policy issuance without media disruption
  • instant provision of the policy as a PDF in the customer portal
  • in the brokers' or insurers' design

Module 3: collection

  • genuine online SEPA Direct-Debit-Mandate
  • collection of one-time as well as continuous premiums
  • instant provision of the bill as a PDF in the customer portal
  • dunning process included

Module 4: claims reporting

  • collection of claims data and documents in the customer portal
  • processing and preliminary review by netinsurer
  • ready for payment routing to insurer
  • information for broker

Module 5: interface

  • download of customer data (policy, invoices, claims) always available
  • download of KPIs
  • download of contract data
  • optional: individual programming (connection to existing interface)

full package “all-in-one”

all five modules in one package:

single module

choose out of five modules your missing piece

more revenue

new target groups

more customer service

additional communication channel

more information

integrated customer portal and analytics

optimize resources

concentration on core competencies

optimize retailer relationships

preinstalled functions

optimize expenses

reduction of acquisition costs


  • once, after contract signing
  • implementation in broker's website to the desired extend
  • including customization according to Corporate Design


  • monthly
  • for usage, maintenance, hosting
  • continuous software development

performance based fee

  • monthly billing
  • per concluded contract


Your individual offer

We are happy to send you a personalized and detailed offer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Subsequent changes / additional products will be billed based on actual expense.

netinsurer will take care of adequate marketing activities, if requested.